DAAN DAR is a movement for those who esteem and exemplify Elegance, Intelligence, and Benevolence. The DAAN DAR brand is made for the Remarkable Woman with Mission and Purpose.  

The DAAN DAR Woman is uniquely special in every way; from how she Speaks, Sits, and Walks, to how she Laughs, Lives, and Loves. 

She is a Distinct Woman with depth, power, and purpose who embodies triumph and resilience. Heart and passion propel her to great heights in her fight to better the world in a kind way.  A true Queen on a journey to achieve her goals while giving immeasurable love to her family and community.


The words DAAN(Hindi) and DAR(Spanish) both have meaning within the act of giving and we honor that by donating a percentage of each purchase to charity.


Every effective movement requires collaboration. We hope you choose to participate in DAAN DAR Women of Success members-only community platforms created to inspire, uplift, and encourage.