Product Care and Cleaning

Thank you for purchase. Properly caring for your DAAN DAR clutch will improve its lifespan and durability. 

Leather Care

  1. Avoid exposure to water. Water may cause leather to harden, crack or have deformities.
  2. Avoid exposure to gasoline. Gasoline may cause leather to volatilize and dry.
  3. Do not overload/over-stuff your bag/clutch. Overloading or over-stuffing may cause wrinkles and/or deformation.
  4. Avoid prolonged direct exposure to the sun. Leaving leather in the sun for extended periods of time can the leather to crack, fade or age prematurely.

If your bag/clutch is exposed to water and it has not gone through any waterproofing procedures, gently wipe off any standing water with a soft dry cloth and allow it to naturally dry.

If the leather has indentions, try gently rubbing in a circular motion over the indention with clean, dry hands.

For best results, apply leather conditioner to your bag while it is still damp. We recommend using Honey Leather Cleaner and/or conditioner. This will help prevent or reduce wrinkles, stain and watermarks on your bag/clutch.

Hardware Care

We recommend using WEIMAN products for cleaning the hardware on your bag/clutch.


Hardware cannot be repaired if it is scratched or has chemical damage.